Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of words on steamed glass

Writing down my ideas has become a frequent part of my life. It’s as unconscious as I feel an idea and I’m already thinking of it for a post on this blog. Unfortunately my trances have the annoying tendency to happen when I’m out of chances to write them precious annotations.

It turns out showers are one of my safest ports, and so it’s when I can have the most confirmed trances. And it is yet to come a shower that didn’t allow me to have epiphanic moments of realizations.

Writing down my ideas is so unconscious that as I feel an idea I’m already writing the ideas on the steamed-up glass. Eventually, the whole place is to be full with words and lines showing leitmotifed connections.

This might sound like a silly excuse for a post, but it’s important to me to write about it. After all, this is one rare moment where I can always find myself safe and inspired, and it deserves a little place of honor among all this surrounding distress.

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