Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Delta Stones

The whole idea of having myself in contact with all my past generations can be a very useful tool for me if it becomes even slightly feasible. Still as theoretical as the Delta Falls are, these moments of recalling past essences of mine are very real, and I’m calling them Delta Travels.

One of the ways through which I can recall a past perception of life is to trigger it through mnemonic stimuli. Some elements in the surface reality can trigger up past crests of mine and make me briefly re-experience some very early generations of mine. Quintessences can never be this controlled at my own will, so unfortunately I’m always waiting for it to happen randomly.

As it deals with quintessential stimuli, these are batteries that drain and have to be recharged. So these Delta Stones I’m collecting can’t be used all the time, like songs I listen a lot during the month. Also, this little Iron Man toy I’ve bought that makes me like my 10-year-old me has to be appreciated slowly.

Here the boundaries of the concept of the Delta Falls and Crests start neighboring (and Delta Stones might be its returning quintessence if I’m not careful). But these meeting moments are more unsettling than comforting. After all, unresolved subtleties start bubbling the closer they get.

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