Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of lonely areas of interest

It’s not only because of my lack of professional and martial effort to read scientific and serious studies, or a deliberate isolation to practice my self-expression. While I’m not reading too many scientific articles, mainly in this area of psychology, I know I’m not finding my areas of interest in them.

I am not acknowledged in the area to know what is being talked about, but no student or teacher seem to even indicate me some authors. Not only that, they barely seem to understand what I’m talking about. Even if they do, they show a lack of interest that makes me go “whaaaaaaaaat?”.

No one is talking about mindscapes. Hell, no one ever refers to what I’m calling crests: there are some texts by Freud referring to it just superficially (he uses the expression residuous elements, I think), as if it wasn’t a goddamn matter of interest or relevance. The closest I got to regurgitation was some articles on Altered State of Consciousness. No word about something like the Wehmut Process, or Masks for unconscious manifestations.

And even if there are people talking about it, I can have the secret joy to know these sessions of self-taught analysis are bringing me one strange result: my explanations not only seems to understand some mnemonic phenomena well, but the explanation is also allowing me to take deeper steps, which isn’t usually possible with cracked arguments.

Maybe I’ve convinced myself of those things and even unconsciously made things behave this way to fit in my theory, but I don’t think that’d be all. Why would that be easier to conceive than the idea that I’m just understanding these processes more easily exactly because I’m letting go of all this blinding academic model?

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