Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of forbidden vices in writing

As I keep exercising my writing skills, my perception towards vices I have grows. The more I write, the more I notice there are words and tendencies that I use that I consider more limiting vices than an actual writing style of mine.

For instance, I have forbidden myself of starting paragraphs and sentences with “I am” or “it’s”. I also have a tendency of overusing the words “sometimes”, “maybe”, the expressions “after all” and “it seems”. Sometimes the vagueness of using “thing” is a limiting vice I’m also trying to overcome, as it prevents me from trying to express the things I feel in a really accurate way. Other vices that bother me are extremely long sentences, usually taking several lines to make one idea complete, instead of separating it into several smaller phrases to let the reading flow with pauses for recovering breath.

However, it seems vices aren’t extremely harmful and useless. Vices can be used as templates, a solid base that has to be reversed or improved. For instance, I can only simply take “things” away and replace it with a more accurate description.

But my efforts are bringing me results, even if slightly. Something that also seems to improving is the roundness of my texts. While I’m still in the double-three rule, I’m making a more martial effort in making my texts feel like having a purpose of their own.

Back to my first post my intentions were set: I first needed to unload the overloaded mind of the thoughts occupying space and preventing new ones to come, and then worry about developing it with writing experiments. I sincerely didn’t think I would come to find a way to do it, but I’m truly finding a way to express things I wouldn’t dream before. Not only that, but hey, leitmotifing and chainposting seem to be a very ambitious experiment. I’m still being true to my very first post. Hooray!

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