Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Psychic-bending

As the reality I perceive depends on the accumulations of perceptive knowledge, I start to wonder if things I think aren’t somehow validating my subjective reality because of my awareness of them.

If what I’m thinking is true, then this feeling that things are working have no use, as thinking of them makes them real. Everything can be so real that reality can become meaningless. It’s a confusing idea. It involves this weird feeling that Csillag or Trance are more solid because I first noticed them, and thought of them, and created their shape.

It involves the Creator’s Paradox as these creations might not be a perfect match to the quintessences in my mind, and so they becoming entities of their own that, being perceived as part of my mind, interfere with their newly-gained solid power.

Psychic-bending must not be confused with reality-bending. The differences putting them apart may be very subtle as neighboring these ideas are, but they exist. While reality-bending is being too dangerously convinced about a theory that it’s forcefully adapted to reality, the psychic-bending is more like the opposite mental structure. The mind would be much less sure of the definitions of reality, and apparently the first one to try could become convincing enough.

I’m not sure yet, but maybe the psychic-bending could come before the reality-bending. And if I think enough of it like this, I’ll probably find myself too convinced of it. Belief is powerful stuff.

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