Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of the appealing mysteriousness

Expectation always plays the higher role. They seem to play with our hearts that hardly are the same with the realizations. It’s the human heart that fills the vagueness of the unfolded with its own idealizations.

The mysteriousness of the expected is somewhat related to the Neighbor Mindscapes. Other people’s lives always feel much tastier than ours, because they are still unfolded. New things always feel fresh and interesting. This new routine, these new people, this new city, that amazing new song, etc.

But the exploration, proximity and solidification is the reason why sometimes things lose the magic. The quintessence fades from these solid shapes, and that discovered source of appealing mystery that once hooked us no longer exists.

It’s something that I remember feeling a lot in the entertainment world. The unfolded always brings unavoidable wonderings. As we hold an unread book in front of us, we will try to think of what is in it. We’ll be wrong for sure, but chances are the mystery that exhales from it will remain, albeit hidden, enchanting.

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