Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of self-study and self-expression

There are moments of crossed rims of perception that make me realize I really talk way too much about myself in here. But I shouldn’t come myself to it with short-guessing and think I’m just one egocentric and pretentious fuck.

These exercises of mental exploration and attempts to understand the world without external reference are very useful for practicing the expression of my own creative efforts. After all, this is something that lacks in academic procedures: we’re always  goddamn copying opinions – even when we have an idea, we have to prove them by showing other authors who have had them. How good can that be?

No, what I need is to develop my own vision on how the world works, and find my own way to express them. This exercise breeds some very important qualities. Practicing nuclear descriptions can make my writing more swift and elegant, for instance. But the most important of them all is that I am getting myself free from the academic chains. Maybe a little too free sometimes, but still a freedom that has an incredibly refreshing scent to it.

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