Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Excelsior State

The human being can be amazing. Any activity performed can become a skill to be taken to almost supernatural levels. Such a level of excellence that can baffle our senses
arouses my artistic ambitions almost every time.

It’s because of this I admire them Asian people. They are some who take this sense of efficiency to nuclear extremes. It’s in the martial arts or spiritual meditation, it’s amazing how far those bastards can go. Even in the visual arts, it inspires me to find how some artists can add details to levels I can only dream of achieving.

In a way, it’s in arts mostly the improvement of technical abilities, but I do find it very inspiring to see how much one can have extreme control over their artistic activity. Indeed, looking for these skills always feel very stimulating, almost a warranty to put me in an inspirational trance.

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