Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Short-Guessing

The limited perception we have can only so much be harmful. We should perceive that and try not acting like we know of the complex ways of the world and jump to conclusions too early. And there’s a kind of jump-to-conclusioning I’ve come to call Short-guessing.

I see this idea in the world when something outside the daily ordinariness being interpreted mistakenly because of limited range of possibilities on the side of the guesser. It’s easy to be exemplified. It’s when we see someone with an umbrella under a blue sky. ‘What an idiot, can’t he see it’s not raining?’.

It’s spooky frequent how much I see things like this happening, mainly because it happens in more complex situations than this one. And these situations end up being a bait for petty realizations, so this seems to be an equation for trying to see what other people think of us.

As a mindtrap that it is, we can never be too careful about it, the way we don’t really understand something when we think we do. Being aware of our ignorance is then a safer path than having things always too suspiciously clear in our minds.

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