Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Duodominium

My heroes usually share a common trait. Most of them, fictional and fleshy, seem to have the ability to be good at whatever they do. It makes me wonder whether I’ve made my character through them, or I’ve chosen them as heroes due to this trait. In any way, they are always my inspiration to keep doing my best at whatever I am doing.

Other than my heroes, I’m always discouraged to try being good at everything. It’s not like I desire being a good soccer player or several other activities. The underlying trait  I admire comes through as the ability to go through opposite extremes, and do them both fluently.

I find such ability a sign of excellence that always keeps me inspired. Whenever I read an author that can go from comedy to epicness and do them both greatly, I’m always delighted. Whenever I listen to a guitarist who can shred and still do some groovy riffs, I’m always looking forward to absorb this skill.

This is a principle of mine that I had nourished for most of my adolescence. As it eventually was forgotten, it became an unconscious desire, but lately I’ve been making myself more aware of it through some siege on this delta ability to feel it exactly like I used to do back then.

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