Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of egotistical atmosphere

I’m pretty aware of the fact that the eventual reader of this blog could easily come to the conclusion that I’m just a self-centered man. Not only aware, it’s to me the default reaction. Sometimes I think of trying to convince them against them these petty realizations, but it’s mostly because of my loyalty to my path that I can’t change my ways.

No word would be needed to explain how conveniently short of guesses one would have to be to ignore the reasons why I’m so about me me me other than being indifferent to the rest of the world. I wouldn’t need to explain that, as I should just be aware of that, and not feel guilty of it. Mainly because there’s no reason for me to feel guilty about this. If I indeed were to be this self-centered, I’d have to bend me blind towards some things I feel.

Eh, I can’t avoid thinking about me. It’s the center of which my reality spins around, and it’s by dealing with nuclearities the surrounding reality changes. If I am to do something very altruistic to this world, it’s still through me that I’ll be doing it.

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