Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Regurgitation (artistic fountain)

There’s one perennial ability I have that travels the generations. With a fortunate frequency, I find myself able to create things in my mind automatically, involuntarily. I’ve referred to it before as artistic digestion, but as I am determined to find it important for my materialization exercises, a solid reference is needed and regurgitation is a better term (maybe it’s not, but it’s too late already).

Regurgitation happens in the back of my mind, in a semi-conscious way. I never see its beginning, I can only perceive I’m doing it halfway through. But when this perception happens, sometimes I can turn my whole conscious efforts to it without derailing it all, and if I manage to reach it safely, I can even try manipulating this regurgitated information. For instance, I can add layers of details or remove them, as if I was practicing the Layered Method. Or then overstretch vertices and play with the lines (pretty much what I believe Peugeot designers are doing with their cars in their sophisticated computer programs)

This mental phenomenon would leave me puzzled back one year ago as to how the hell it happens, but through my own experiments, now I find myself able to explain it better. Very suspiciously easy: it happens through crests. As they get into the mind through our experiences with the world, it’s only natural they’re stored in the mind and can influence our mental storage of information.

I don’t understand the subtleties surrounding it, mainly their apparent random appearances using erratic crests and mixing them in even more puzzling ways. But I know I can sort of play with that. As I can make efforts to understand my tastes and crests to be formed (through crest vortexes, I assume?), I can risk some lottery on trying images to be later regurgitated in my mind, such as pieces of armory and weapons that make my eyes shine.

As an addition, I’ve been growing aware to the notion that I can add different ingredients to expect them regurgitate together. For instance, I’ve found this book of rocks and minerals I bought to bring me frequent regurgitations. It’s been coming up along with Hindu statues and Victorian instruments. Yes, statues and other objects coated with ruby, malachite, agate gemstones. Eh, no wonder I’m so eager to develop my drawing skills.

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