Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Idolized Realizations

As opposed to the negative polarizations people have towards us through petty realizations, there’s some other form of reception from the other side. It’d be a too benevolent acceptance of whatever is said, pretty much an idolization.

I won’t deny it, I am jealous of people who get idolized realizations from others. But it wouldn’t be such a grievance to me if I wasn’t seeing idolized realizations when, at the same level, I’m getting unfair petty realizations. It’s only quite annoying to see someone having petty realization towards you bearing idolized realizations on the same matters towards some one else.

It might not be a terribly harmful mindtrap while we’re not using the benevolence of the receptor for delicate opinions, so I don’t think it is really something that requires extreme vigilance. But it’s a mindtrap still, as fairness of judgment is concerned.

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