Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of flexibility

Being riddled with vices is the most harmful state I can find myself in. Vices are the kind of mindtraps that bring most damage to one’s work. Not only they make efforts lack elegance, but also the lack of new winds to refresh when exploring new grounds have the effect of making one’s arsenal of ideas and tastes very poor.

As a key principle of mine, flexibility seems to be somehow working in some areas of my life. After all my thoughts and feelings keeps feeling refreshed from time to time (with some poignant hazes in- between). New experiences and mindscapes allow me expand my psychic reality, and so I’m always with recharged batteries. If I were to be so entirely introspective without interference from the outside world, I don’t think I’d be able to keep moving like I am.

Still, as a key principle of mine, it also seems to have its clashes with this other one, solidity. Defining styles start to seem to me like one way to vices slowly can take control of me. For instance, I’m finding my style of self-expression, which I can develop and make me feel good as I do it the way I like. However, as I find my way, I can slowly feel departed from other ways. But not only departed, blind to them.

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