Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of unconscious vortexes (only show up in dreams)

One of the unexplained subtleties around crests is the notion of what in the world makes something a crest. Somehow the explanation that crests allow future crests is an incomplete answer for me. I might have enjoyable experiences with pine trees as they’re a crest of mine, and so it’s a self-fueling cycle, but why they’ve become crests in the first place is the mystery to be unveiled.

It’s by analyzing my dreams that I have these questions flourished. Sometimes in my dreams I can find something from my routine being regurgitated. But it puzzles me as to why that graffiti showed up? It never called my attention, but somehow, to my unconscious mind, it had its meaning.

It’s clear to me that dreams are similar to these conscious regurgitations of crests. But as dreams deal with much deeper memories, it’s expected for forgotten crests to be unrecognizable, mainly in the mess that all those things become. Still, I wonder if I could perceive when my unconscious mind has met an element that would later get into my dreams.

If I’m not mistaken, that November ability I called Wide-awake Dreams, I was having the sudden ability to perceive things just too subtle for my mind to usually perceive. And then, by realizing it, sometimes I had the sudden feeling of immediate regurgitation of some kind. Eh, I wish I could retrieve that ability to describe it first-hand.

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