Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of chaos before creation

There’s something happening on my blog. Right now, when chainposting isn’t my main concern no more as I try more intricate combinations with the posts, the first thing is some chaos and awkwardness before I get used to it and manage them with more elegance (it won’t happen this month). As it’s been a pattern that has happened before, I’m counting on this equation for things to work out, though I’ve got to let some worry in to make me more cautious.

And a similar chaos is happening in my mind. One of the positive things about being this distressed again are the possibilities that come from all of this being so out of place again. While it’s certainly bothersome, to say the least, to have to clean the place again for the peace of mind needed to keep things going forward, I’m slowly finding that these are the best chances for me to organize things better than before.

Luckily, the disarranged mind seems to be free from vices that were slowly becoming invisible for our perception. So I should use my current skills and try to recover old motifs, analyze returning quintessences, abandon cracked thoughts and develop the underdeveloped ideas for this place to become a little more pleasant to go around.

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