Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of shapes in a metaphysical reality

When I was a child I used to imagine settings I could put stories to take place in. It could be a medieval period, or science fiction. It could be in a Jurassic times. It could be inspired by Russian, Scandinavian, Arabian, Japanese, Chinese folklore. It could happen nowadays, a world parallel to ours. It could be just ours, or some invented reality entirely aside.

Then I started growing aware of the zeitgeist settings. In the age of exploration, new mythical lands across the seas were to be explored. During the height of space exploration euphoria, the space was the mystery to be unfolded. But also there has always been a place for the exploration of the human mind.

Maybe it has always been about the mind. When I look at those stories bout spiritual worlds parallel to the human world, mainly in these Japanese stories, I used to see spiritual world as a place of ghosts and spirits. But then I realized it could be a simple metaphor for the world of the inner soul.

In a way, my force-characters seem to be shapes in a similar spiritual world. The Fire Ensemble and the Dark Army can belong to this metaphysical reality, these onirical lands created by my creative endeavours. The states of trances seem to me like the charged chi.

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