Friday, August 31, 2012

Mindscape #10

There was a golden moon hovering above the lake. Little boats were anchored right below it, their masts dancing. The wind was blowing and there was a palm tree tasting cheerfully the early spring night. There was a short bridge connecting the land masses where the modernity of cars was striking the contrast against the humble fishermen being busy with their duties right below.

My grandfather was recovering from a surgery and I was going to visit him. My father started having the first signs of heart attacks for he never stops drinking and smoking (and not even this keeps him from it). Here you start feeling the weight of time. This seems to be this moment in life when your generation starts taking the reins of the world.

It wasn’t a mindscape like the usual ones I have. It was a really impacting one, because of all these quartzes, and it represented one moment of transition in my personal life.
There was this beautiful violin song that felt like an ending theme while I was thinking about people surrounding me. Some important decisions were being made in my romantic life and some other things to think about my job. All these vertices around me made it the whole experience to be one of the most intense I’ve ever felt.

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