Friday, August 31, 2012

Of RQ Trials

Returning quintessences are very serious issues I am facing. They can bring too much headache for me. Luckily, realizing the existence of a returning quintessence in the early stage of the idea is very important for the treatment against the cracks it can bring. If I can compare them and find they are just neighboring, then there’s not much problem.

Some eventual happenings bring me not much harm, and usually I can come to terms with them. But here and there I find some ideas that insist in returning in disguised ways to fool me. From them, there are two groups of ideas that are involving returning quintessences with much too frequency.

The first one is the group that deals with measuring my efforts. Martial, manual are very, very close in meaning, specially martial reinforcement and sieging. They are sometimes much too close to be considered just neighboring. In fact, I think they form together one chain, and each one being used for different situations. Manual efforts would be doing things despite my instinct. Martial would be bringing emphasis to an activity, and sieging could be the combination of martial and manual exercises, as the decision to force myself to do something until it’s complete.

The other group is what I’ve been referring as amulets. It’s the Flames, the Gems, the Axioms. They are often dealing with much too similar issues. Gems encompass a wide-range of things in my mind, and the Flames and Axioms are very much complicated. Being that Axioms are intense feelings, they could be powers the characters could unleash. 

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