Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Sacrifice

My feeling of commitment to other people never abandons me. It’s great that it’s how it’s one of the safest ways through which this place can be maintained as it remains one of my greater motivations. For some reason I can’t remember, I can’t stand the thought of seeing people suffering.

If the quintessence of generosity is ignited properly, I feel I can do anything to prevent suffering from happening. The most intense it is, I can do whatever is necessary for that. Though it might seem really altruist, my voice of reason tells me it might also be one way through which I would be admired. I don’t know if that’s the true voice of reason, as it is almost trying to discourage me from doing such a beautiful thing (caught you, Wormtongue).

I’m not talking about the sacrifice of life, as I’ve never had to take the risk. It’s just being able to let yourself take some damage instead of letting others take it. If I don’t do it in that moment, then I’m attacked with guilt with the thought of letting people be damaged without my interference.

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