Friday, August 31, 2012

Of major and minor missions

I’m enrolled with too many things to do already. Not only all the things in my personal life and books to read and movies to watch, people to meet and places to go, even in here I’m surrounded by too many ideas I need to develop.

Since I first thought of missions, I first myself two of them. The Inner Constitution, which the Fire Ensemble turned out to do a great job at, and the Major Crests, which just became the Gemstones. Unfortunately none of them are finished, since I am still building my laws and rules, and the Axioms are filling gaps the Fire Ensemble couldn’t cover with accuracy. The Gemstones are also still under expansion, even if I wish it could stay as it is for a while.

Still, I got myself new major missions, such as the study of words and letters for names that is called Alphabetical Impression. That would be the official mission to take the mission slot after the other ones. But there’s also the Quintessential Materialization which is one of my most important missions.

The problem is that I am still going doing several other minor missions. Some of them are finding gems and axioms for me to equip myself with, or the elaboration of my secret delta files, or the identification of scourgers and saboteers that I must protect myself from. And beside those ideas there’s also all the major and minor skills I’m trying to develop.

There is an level of effort that makes me terribly exhausted at times. They keep deviating my energy and make me lose focus. If I was a little more skilled at management of skills, I would focus my energy in minor groups of missions each time.

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