Friday, August 31, 2012

Of tear-inducing endings and departures

I didn’t expect the creation of Quartzes to have become such an important discovery as it would now become. Quartzes are crests from all important and impacting events. And I am, of course, thinking of the storytelling potential, with some emphasis on how to create a very impacting ending to the end of a journey.

All journeys that have had impact inside us can bring an aching to our eyes when they are over. It can’t possibly come with emotional indifference. The easier it is to departure just shows how poorly attached one was towards it. Otherwise, the feeling of ending themes is always very strong and lasting in our memories.

Quartzes only finally made me realize why it would call so much my attention seeing people getting inside cars with luggage, or heading to airports and bus stations. Ending credits always have had this effect in me, even if it’s just the last song of the album. It is how I feel towards Gogol Bordello’s Undestructable, which feels a lot like the ending of a journey (which is one song away from the ending of the album).

I have this distant feeling that the power of the endings and departures, at least to me, might be much more significant than just my own recollection of these events. It could be the reverberation of my own experiences with painful endings of relationships or routines and groups I was viciously attached to. It could also be the fear of change that makes me unwelcoming to the future.

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