Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Vertices Examination

My success seem to depend on how prepared I can be against the odds. Maybe it’s something that obsessive analysis can’t really protect me. But even if this is an ill-planned defense, I just have to understand what is preventing me from being actually equipped for my defense against invading waves and disheartening haze.

I have to try making dissections about everything. I must try looking for all my unconscious patterns and every detail around me that I could find. You never know when you could find secrets hidden in the overlooked corners.

There’s only to gain in examining as many details and vertices of the world as possible. It can be exhausting and make me paranoid, but it can be worth the effort. It might also be examined poorly, but it’s only something to be improved with time as my perception through practice would increase.

Life can be made of million of vertices, and I can’t possibly examine them all even if I write one hundred texts. At least I have the guarantee that I can have texts to write for the rest of my life.

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