Friday, August 31, 2012

Of soul-reaching attempts

The late realization that trances require of me a state of comfort symbolized by Ambers reminded me of the old relation between trances and zephyr winds, and also vortexes. There’s one unresolved subtlety in there as I am trying to see how these three components interact.

This Zephyrous experiences clean me from haze clouds, and it’s specially felt in aromas and perfumes. As they can make me recall some crests that feed my thoughts, trances can come. With a world clean from haze clouds, vortexes are how I am finding my mind attracted to something, before I know what it is. It ignites a quintessence and from there my sensitivity can then become a trance. However, there seems to be something superficial about these trances, as if they were far and fragile.

There is where amber seem to be the answer, as it’s seems to allow some sort of inner force. Amber is the comfort I can get from being far from danger, and it seems best if zephyr winds are just subtle spices not to distract me too much. Somehow closing the curtains or bringing the lights out can make me more comfortable for writing sessions than having this whole view in front of me. The closer I am to my soul is important to make the duration of trances last.

Sometimes when trying to get closer to my soul I have my eyes closed and I start feeling a need to crawl into this position that feels like a protection of my chest heat. I don’t want my legs and arms to be this far. I want them closer, closer, closer to the center of my essence.

These are the moments when I am most connected to myself. Trances and spell battles occur in this moment of closeness to my soul. However, as it makes me feel my body as something I don’t want to need, the simple notion of holding a pen makes me realize I have a hand, and that is something that decreases the power of trances. It is something that makes it so hard to write down all my ideas…

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