Friday, August 31, 2012

Of analogous motifs

Recently, and mostly unintentionally, I’ve come across one of the secrets for motif-making. It’s not like I’ve stumbled upon a mysterious new piece, but a subject that has grabbed my attention a while ago. It has returned to my mind, and suddenly a lot of things suddenly made sense.

It’s almost silly to realize this just around now, as clear it is that motifs are made of analogies. Or, more precisely, motifs are ideas that fit in several analogous systems. Motifs are very common in analogies between drawing and writing, though it can also be made from observed behaviors. That would explain why I can have more frequent trances when driving.

By realizing one of the keys for motif-making, at least the worldly ones, now it seems something much more controllable, even manual. I wonder if it could lose its magic since I would be doing it more manually, but I don’t think these amazing new motifs coming through epiphanies would stop existing. I just would be able to chart the world with more control, as I could ungap areas the trances leave behind. And even if I can’t control those motifs, then this characteristic they have can be used for analysis, and study of the quintessence for wording them.

Thanks to this analogous nature, I can talk about these several systems while not specifying the one I am actually meaning. This ambiguity seems to show some interesting uses to experiment in my writings…

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