Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Delta Files

My personal life is not supposed to be revealed in here. It stains the mission I am trying to develop in here. However, as much as I’m studying all that is me I shouldn’t be denying details of my life as I start feeling this weird disassembling effect. Reaching my soul is important for trances, and knowing its components is fundamental. There’s a conflict in there, but the resolve comes by making my true diary a secret.

This is my attempt in storing information about my past and present generations. It’s the songs that I was attracted to, or the movies that captivated me. All people that were having influence in my life during that period of my life. All the dozens of mindscapes happening to me, and that I choose one random experience to display in here. Of course, the mindscapes on this blog are much more descriptive, as I couldn’t possibly write one for every and each one.

Also, the closer it is, the easier it is to retain more knowledge. July has a lot of information, and August is even easier as I’m already paying attention to each song, book and mindscape. I think that other than these little things I don’t need to keep detailed information.

The Files to be stored from now onwards are going to be extremely useful for my analysis of how those memories behave and call back. I think the observer’s interference could prevent original effects to happen, but there’s no other way that I could be studying it.

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