Friday, August 31, 2012

Of low trance warnings

As important as trances are to my development, there are certain assumptions my mind makes about them that puts me into dangerous situations. Releasing it in the maximum level for too long can bring a future aversion to it the same way low levels can hurt my ego as there are too many stupid thoughts pretending to be in trance.

I have to be wiser when getting into trances. Forcing myself to have ideas can be very dangerous if there’s not much resource to work on. Slowly I’m finding the roads to trances, but still I’m left mostly with guesses on how to do it, and I always feel stupid as the pressure to find equations makes my mind very weary.

For all I can tell, there are moments when I feel the trance levels are way too low, and for this reason I should avoid the risk. It’s not really unfortunate, and I shouldn’t think I’m losing time by not having ideas, or that usual fear that I’ve lost the ability to have these wondrous thoughts like I used to have.

In fact, this moment of absence of inspiration can be very good, and even sought for. Neutral levels of mental activity feel good for reading or doing things that are damaged by excessively active thinking. Unfortunately, reading always feeds my thoughts, and I’m always going into these trances around 20mt, which are feeble trances, and that also keep my reading from flowing.

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