Friday, August 31, 2012

Of brilliantly stupid ideas

There’s a lot of pleasure in thinking. It’s just something so quiet, seeing the things that could happen in one’s head, still it can bring so many marvels. No wonder having ideas can be such an orgasmic feeling. In fact, the feeling is so pleasant that it’s hard to realize or even accept that they are, sometimes, quite stupid.

This is a concept that reminds me of the mermaid words. There are times when we enchanted by the concept, something that looks and sounds so perfect. It’s when we stop and think about it that we realize that they don’t make any goddamned sense.

The most common type of a beautifully dull idea are those speeches with analogized concepts that break the logistics of the system we are talking about. It’s very common when one is trying to be witty, sarcastic and apparently rational against some more emotional themes. I see a lot of these in acid remarks on critics against religion.

If I am in one of these months when I try to talk about as many ideas I can have, it’s even harder to discard any idea adding up the counter. But my sense of honesty doesn’t let me throw any shit in here just so I can look impressive. At least I can’t do that when I am fully aware of how stupid those ideas are. Maybe it would be more honest if I was to show my mistakes too, but isn’t that one brilliantly stupid idea?

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