Friday, August 31, 2012

Of one-shot chances

Most of my activities have been putting me in the comfort zone of having several tries for making them right. My drawings and my texts are always things I do with patience. But as I can see, there are things I must do in one chance.

For instance, like song-playing, you’re supposed to hit all notes perfectly in this one chance you’ve got. And in speeches you’re supposed to tell all the content of your message in one attempt, without stuttering or thinking of the right words. I was gaping at how terrible I am at it.

The pressure that one feels in these moments of truth when trying to cross the tissue between worlds is what can so easily make it all crumble down. Even for skills I thought I was good at, like handwriting, the pressure I had from this kind of chances made my confidence shrink. It’s something that’s terrible to find, but at the same time, these extremely underdeveloped areas are always things that bring me some relief, as I know where the crack is, and I, sometimes unawares, start improving it right away.

Nonetheless, these are best opportunities for improvement. The attitude to let your skills be tested like this are more decisive to success than the discipline and constant practicing. After all, it’s the courage to let yourself be in disadvantage and under the thrill of the new risk that shows how hard you want it.

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