Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Q. Sparkles

One of the most annoying mistakes I’ve made in here was when I tried getting those sparkle posts last year around July. Luckily I was quick to realize the mistake and stopped it in time (though numbered mindscapes are still around). However, the main concept regarding Sparkles has too much potential to be forgotten. For this reason, I decide to retrieve it with my delta squad.

Sparkles are the fleeting and momentary ideas. They are this feeling that a whole world just came in, and I explore its possibilities. They come in form of stories, images or even ideas, but the problem is that they last short. The feeling that these sparkles are just silly daydreaming is frequent, but I think the problem is because the excitement is also gone as it withers away. Sparkles are like seeds, though usually seeds can grow into motifs, but these sparkles of inspiration are more like wasted cosmic chances.

It can be brought to my current thoughts as belonging to the quintessential thoughts. It can be the way one sparkle of idea that comes to my mind and I see it all instantaneously. I should try finding a way to keep it in my head enough for it to be materialized, or at least one brief, even awkward, description.

If I manage to have the source of the sparkle intact and I can go back to it and keep studying and planning of ways to materialize them, probably I’d be more productive. All I need to do is to set the reverse for the gathered mass of elements and stretch them into a sequency that can gather together in another mind, making then the transference complete.

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