Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Worldly Lessons

There are several experiences that seem to have brought nothing to me. Apparently no new quintessence was absorbed and I learned nothing. Later I realize, though, that they had a subtle influence in me, and I discover I was contaminated by them. The Worldly Lessons can be either this late realization of influences I had as much as the really solid lessons we learned.

Experiences are getting inside of me through the means of Q. Conversion. It’s through it that I can absorb new things that become new ideas. The absorption comes through various means, such as the creation of crests and analogies that I can adapt to other systems.

Some lessons I’ve learned were from a simple line from one of the paragraphs. It doesn’t need extensive reading of the matters to learn some lessons from them. It didn’t take much for the seed to be planted in my mind, and it strengths my opinion that one does not need to read high philosophy to learn things.

Though I possess transferred quintessences from all around me, the lessons I want to talk about are about more known personalities. In fact, worldly lessons are so common that these are just some of those I could bring up as examples. If I really pay attention to it, there would be hundreds of them.

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