Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Gemstones v1.5

I long to develop the gems together in a perfect crown. But the cracks are getting dangerous, and I think the Aquamarines is where the fragile part is. Plus I think I should split the amethyst marble into another one for sex. Plus Opal, as a returning quintessence of Trygve, should be removed. Or else I should make gems for all the other flames. Plus, the gems are mostly imagetic crests, and I think crests go much beyond that (as, just previously shown, the Flames and even the Scourgers are also crests after apotheosis).

So, even before I could deal with these issues, I was already coming up with several new gems for missing areas. There’s something different about them, the same way gems are imagetic crests and the flames are emotional ones. I don’t know how to classify the next four ones, but I think it’s interesting to bring them to the board even if it’s too messed up already.

Copper represents the world and different cultures. It represents a certain refined taste for Arabian, Hindu and Balkan spices. It’s the taste for learning history through the ages, from Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to the Middle Ages, the Silk Route revival and Colonial Brazil. There are intertwined crests to it, such as classrooms in rainy days, and this recent crest I can recall the memory that is being really fascinated with the Islamic conquests and studying it all the way to the dawn.

Bronze represents political, economical and military matters. The news on tv, the riots and revolts. The exchange rates, compound interest and diplomatic maneuvers. The pacts, agreements and treaties that shape the world. It’s in men with suits and cases, scandals and the population being indignant. It’s the complexity of the adult world in a grand scale that, despite sometimes looking so unnecessarily complex, feels somewhat fascinating. I feel the bronze crest related to Dusk Zircon as it’s usually the time when people are getting home and listening to the news, and also Amber as the dinner is ready and showers were taken.

Silver represents the machineries, the lights, the pipes, blueprints, hydraulics and engines. It’s in coded-names and technical terms. It’s the science fiction and graphs and equations. It’s the silver lining of reason and one of the foundations for Vesta. I’m a little worried about cracks here, as it feels like an artificial marble.

Gold is the crest of loneliness, the silence I need for myself. It’s the introspective, thoughtful and analyzing part of my spirit, one of the foundations for Hephaestus as it’s when I feel safe for being myself and thinking of things the way I like them. It’s also the serenity in Vesta’s rationality. One of the memories that shaped this crest are these solitary watches on my windowsill, seeing all the vast world completely beyond my reach.

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