Friday, August 31, 2012

Of roads to Trances

Being more in touch with my crests seems to relate to the common occurrence of trances that have been happening lately. As I can tell, the crests make me feel whole and inspired. And most important of all, they keep the disassembling of selves from happening.

The gemstones were indeed very important for this. Thanks to them, I can manage the calls of my crests more effectively. But the call can also come from the Flames. The energy, the passion or the desire to create can also be one of the roads through which a trance could happen. But it must be done in spell-like ways, as I can’t just go around thinking of Zircons or Zhu Rong and their worded definitions for my mind to feel pleased and reward me.

No, I have to feel my gems. I have to feel them as they were before they were named, as names were just a launchpad or something. And then, it’s not like my mind is calling specifically for one of these ten major crests. I can’t just go thinking of ten songs or ten pictures, because these are quintessences that can have their power eventually drained and lose the appeal to my mind.

It might be one minor crest calling, and it’s more subtle, and it might be one little thing hidden inside the whole of the definition. Even if there’s the Zircon’s Call, it won’t work to think of buildings or any standard urban scenario. It requires a certain sensibility to perceive what crest is there in the periphery blocking the trance.

The relation between the intensity of the call and the subsequent intensity of the trance must be in how long the crest has had its call denied. I think that forces me to be more active against the vices I have, such as music-listening. After all, if I go through several days without listening to music, the zephyr winds are stronger with the release, as my mind feels so much more relaxed, and the trances are so much sweeter.

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