Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiomatical Blasts

The power of Axioms is something I’ve been paying attention lately. They are emotions that make me feel life in a special way. They are intense moments when my feelings burn and from the intensity I also feel I am doing something that seems to be at the peak of the worthwhile feelings.

Never surprise if there are returning quintessences from the Fire Ensemble. These are basically components that make the essence of these characters. The Gems also are very related to them, mostly in shaping them. The Axioms are just another way through which I can try igniting these feelings.

If I think well about it, they could be the powers unleashed by the Flames. Or also the combination of them, for those axioms in which the quintessence covers areas in which one or two flames neighbor. Axioms can spell-like blasts like combos that can keep the Scourgers away.

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