Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Forgiveness

I am not really a forgiving person, and hardly a forgetful one. But it’s not like I enjoy being vindictive or trying to maintain hostility around me. I don’t like being what can keep people down, or to be the one that creates tension among people. I like doing my part for keeping a healthy atmosphere.

If someone comes to me showing the truest repent of their acts, then I’m very easy to forgive them, as it’s what I’m always trying to do myself. My problem with apologies is that they are usually guilt-free and just one’s logical step to be taken.

Having ultimate control over our temper is beyond our skills, and even if one day we have such a skill we don’t need the guilt of not having it from the beginning. So it’s excusable to feel sorry for all we’ve done. Being forgiving towards other can really be my own sign of being naïve. But even if it represents a weakness, I prefer seeing it as cordiality. I might keep pain to me, but it can also be in name of courtesy and diplomacy.

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