Friday, August 31, 2012

Of unexplored delta effects

The Gamma effect in May could be thought as every generation presenting a pool of resources, such as crests, abilities and energy sources. I wonder on the dangers that could be brought from using Gamma for this purpose (mainly if my overcreative side starts looking for uses for all greek letters, but it feels good to try the risk).

The older the generation is, only the strongest crests remain. My profile could help me with remembering which precise songs I used to listen in each monthly generation as far as 2006, but it’s a piece of information that I might feel useless. The search using only my mind as the instrument still remains the most accurate one, clearly. I can recall some crests formed by some mindscapes that happened years ago.

Here I am revealing some secret delta files, but one example is this taste I had for bands like Jethro Tull, Blackmore’s Night and Mostly Autumn back around 2007 as it was a zephyrous discovery. That same year, because was helping me find new music, I started being into prog metal when learning of bands like Pain of Salvation and Ayreon. BE and The Human Equation curiously were brought together me one gamma marble crest thing similar to the folky prog one formed by the three bands. This is an effect that I feel might be very useful for understanding those musical quintessences.

This effect seems to be a characteristic of crests, the way memories fade and become quintessential marbles. However, it could be an effect that only happens with older crests, needing time for the quintessential gathering to happen and things like that.

But the interference I can be here makes me a little worried. Maybe only because I hadn’t been observing and interfering with it as I wasn’t bringing generations back with delta recovery and making generations feeling repeated. 

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