Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Lovecraftian Perception

If I’d been a more avid reader, my ideas would be so much more intriguing and beautiful. First because I’d be able to know of other writing styles I could explore and my vocabulary and expressions would increase. And the feelings and ideas to be converted into quintessences would bring me much more worldly lessons.

I’ve never read any of the tales by Lovecraft, though I’ve always been curious enough to know pretty much the basics of what used to go on in his tales, and there’s one common theme in his work that is so sweet that I’ve absorbed even before getting really in touch with it.

It’s about things so complex and out of our world that our senses can’t even comprehend them. One of the ways our minds would try to interpret them would be to come up with similar things in our world, such as Cthulhu being represented with tentacles as it would be the only visual reference we would know to be able to perceive it.

It has a lot of potential for my ideas, mostly mindtraps. Flawed and incomplete perception of my own feelings might lead me to very serious problems, mainly for Q. Materialization issues, like the Creator’s Paradox.

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