Friday, August 31, 2012

Of sensorial responses and unexplored matter

There are some tastes we have that do not come from our experiences, but rather this kind of sensors that we have towards the world. These can be the opposite of crests, even cultural ones. It’s the certain predisposition to perceive the shapes, sounds and scents around us. Do the colors have these effects on us because of crests installed in our species, or are these sensorial responses something inherent to all life forms, like the aggressiveness and vividness of triangled shapes and reddish surfaces?

The understanding of those sensors can make us explore the ways they affect us. I think of this in the use of music, the way it was used to create those responses in us based on how our sensors react to sounds. Music is something that marvels us, even if it’s not something nature had designed for our minds, at least not entirely the way we have developed today. We have explored this and developed instruments imitating birds and voices, and there are new kinds of music being invented, just like electric guitars have proved to be very enchanting to our ears. Sensors are the way through which we can explore and find the ways to create new marvels.

It’s in our sensors that we can have a taste for city lights or things that life has never offered us before. We never had internet, but it suddenly became something terribly addicting, even though such technology was never needed for survival. It’s also in lingeries and high-heels, which aren’t always a natural extension of the natural female shapes and still feel terribly sensual. It seems to me like those inventions captivate us as they touch one of our sensors or something.

There’s also one idea neighboring the one about sensors which is the unexplored side of matter and there is something more scientific about it. It’s terribly complicated for me to explain it in here as of now, but it’s about how unexplored the world of physics can be. In the world we see things that were made from combinations of elements. However, all things we can sense are not really all that can be done. See, maybe the random events of the universe didn’t make that one combination of particles to trigger the most powerful energy ever to be unleashed and also yet to be found.

It’s one of my most ambitious ideas, and this is just the awkward beginning of the stream that I intend to make about it. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to express myself about it in more elegant way. I’m not sure if this will last, so I’m being careful about capitalizing the word sensors. I don’t want to build expectancy towards it either.

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