Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Merit

There are things that mature with time. And my work here is something that each month is gaining more merit as I survive a new dark wave trying to bring me down and through the slow brickwork I can bring new qualities to it. The important fact is that I am doing something important, even if mostly underdeveloped and flawed.

Once in a while I realize how much I’ve achieved, and secretly I let myself feel a wave of joy to acknowledge my own perseverant creative endeavours despite the exhaustiveness and even foolishness that is the keeping of such enterprise.

Like others axioms, this is one of the feelings that make me feel a comforting burning inside. The burning axioms are one of the surest signs that I am doing something worthwhile, usually because of how against the odds I am when the axiom is triggered.

Still merit is a dangerous area, as it deals with pride. Fortunately Vesta has Áine’s assistance to make me burn with the Axiom of Honesty. I can’t possibly be overproud, there’s no reason for so, as underdeveloped as I am. This is, really, a much more tender response to the issue that an excessive pride can bring.

However, Vesta and Csillag have a different take on it. She must do it before Csillag smells it and run by leaps towards the source to extinguish it all in a brutal way. One would be through peaceful ways, and the other one would be through violence. As the crest of analogy comes to me, it feels to me like the Jedi and Sith way to deal with the situation. 

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