Friday, August 31, 2012

Of extra bets

Following templates, I can use one safe characteristic of my work, such as the new ideas I bring. Then I can start developing myself around it. There are other vertices to explore, such as how they are deployed in sequential lines and other rhetorical experiments. As these are extra experimentation, I can feel safer in knowing failing with them won’t have as much negative impact.

This is one warranty that there will always be things to improve in here. There is always a new thing to do and that could make the work feel more elaborate and elegant. There are enough missions in writing I’m trying to develop, and if someday I get them like I want, I’m sure I’ll be still looking for new things to improve.

All in all, the realization of extra bets lets me practice things without having to throw it all to the trash can in this one-shot chance. This is especially useful for networking exercises which is being something I’m having a lot of problems. The quality I desire to achieve through it is never close to how sometimes it would feel possible.

But if I’m getting too frustrated, and even if my texts go awry, it’s a failure that isn’t complete. After all, even the attempt to word the idea is an extra bet itself. Even if I fail to express it in words, I’m just being unable to transfer the idea, because I’ll have it known in my heart already. But as most heart-warming thoughts can be comforting, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse for failing, because it’s through writing that I can realize several unresolved subtleties and unexplored secrets the idea in my mind didn’t make me aware of, so I have to try to make the most complete dissection I could.

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