Friday, August 31, 2012

Of built expectancy

It’s dangerous to talk about future plans, and keep them always in the future. Some of my dreams are in this state, and if I’m not careful about them, I’ll be old enough and these projects will still be in the future. The problem is that if I postpone them for too long, there might not be enough time for the project to develop itself properly.

You see, I talk so much about storytelling ideas that I am getting worried about the expectancy I’m building. Considering how many ideas I have for stories, or complex theories for the creative process, I could be building an anticipation that I should be creating the most perfect creations ever imagined. It’s a fair ambition, to be honest, but these are some gaps I should learn to dance around to avoid falling in their traps.

But the worst problem with this kind of procrastination and postponing is that it might be the fear of starting the project. It’s when the gut-wrenching feeling of reality strikes us, because it’s a one-shot chance and we dread the failure. Maybe we know that this might make us give up, so we keep them far, just so that the dreams to keep existing.

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