Friday, August 31, 2012

Of maneuverable trances

The problem with trances is that they burn like wild fire. I am burning to talk about one thing, and before I can get my hands to jot it down, my mind is already involved with another subject. It’s hard to keep the current quintessence paused in my head for me to practice the Q. Rule in it. When I can get one idea turned into a text, I feel frustrated for having lost all the previous ones.

A tranceful state would make me travel through dozens of ideas in a matter of minutes. It’s when it starts getting to that yellow zone around 600 and 700mt. Getting beyond it is how overwhelming amount of perceived ideas can be, and they becomes bothersome. When it’s around 800mt the frequency starts some lead phenomena in my head. The 1gt state is only great when I’ve been out of trances for days and it comes back with that marvelous strength, and then it can last for thirty minutes to one hour without being really leadsome.

But when I’m being able to have this constant trance around, huh, let me triangulate it, 346mt, the increase in trance levels feels like going over the speed limit when the speed you’re driving is fast and safe enough. So far I’ve been braking it down through rough measures, like the abortion of the event. It’s all in the name of the fear of having the Scourgers returning through the Lead Warrior and Hephaestosis.

Trances are such subtle events in my mind that only spells could help me speeding up or slowing down as I’d want them without brute consequences such as shutting everything down. It’s the reason why spells were so valued when discovered, for this kind of accurate control I could have over the subtle syntonizations that occur in my mind.

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