Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Gems and Spells

When I created the gems, I’d expect them to have both positive and negative consequences. As usual, some of both were true, while others didn’t go as expected. Still there’s one negative aspect of it all that, thinking of it now, turned out to be a very positive consequence.

Naming my feelings made the experience of feeling them much less exciting. Thinking of names for feelings didn’t help me in feeling them, or using them as I’d expect them to. And having them covering a big part of my feelings, I was forced to refer to them back as the wordless quintessence they once were.

It happens that the kind of thought is exactly the way spells work. In a way, I’m now almost as I was before the Gems, though the names make the whole thing much more manageable when I’m out of trances. They help me have a better analytical view of the subject. For instance, by knowing what Ambers and Lazulites mean, I can know what quintessence to ignite, and so recover the feeling they are in my mind, or knowing how to look for them.

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