Friday, August 31, 2012

Of division methods

As I keep trying to keep my groups of ideas whole by having quintessential marbles that are encompassing all the possibilities, I’ve been wondering on the right division method. The five-member ensemble seems complete, but why is that there are four elements, a quartet?

It makes me think of the reason why there are no concise divisions. Sometimes the trinity seems to be the complete division, while other times its just the simple duality, while there are moments when it’s complete in octagonal formations.

There might be a logic behind each of these systems that makes the whole and complete division always vary this much. Still, it brings me the doubt of recognizing those systems, which seems to be the harder part of the equation. It’s very complicated to know which kind of division is the right one, and then how many modules I would need. Should I split in two or four or six composing vertices?

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