Friday, August 31, 2012

Of my height-loving heart

It calls to me the want of going to a high place. The idea of having a panoramic view opened before me is terribly captivating to my soul. When investigating my mind around this crest, it seems to contain some sunset chrysoberyls and peaceful zircons.

Usually when I’m looking at my surroundings, I find myself deciding that the higher place is where I belong. There’s always a bookcase, a mountain or a tower that calls my attention. Even when I’m on the apartment window or the top of some tower the vortexes are things that stand up from the ground level, like tall cypresses and lonely buildings.

Maybe there’s a reason behind this taste. Perhaps the reason I feel comfortable is because of the strategic advantage to it that seem to make my mind feel sort of activated. It’s a similar feeling to being the one holding a map opened on his table. I’ve never made that connection before, the way my taste for heights could be similar to my taste for maps. Now that’s something that future trances could be exploring more.

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