Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Delta Streams

Everything can be a hint for a future motif. Every great idea can be born from a minor realization from the past. It’s the little seeds that grow to be those amazingly detailed concepts. The notion that there are ideas evolving and developing throughout the generations I’m calling Delta Streams.

There was a time when being unable to express all of the idea in its own post was unacceptable to me. But even if what I could say wasn’t enough for its icebergian complexity, at least now I’m accepting more willingly that I can return for it later.

The main importance of the notion of Delta Streams, though, is that these ideas that are so hard to voice, they can start small, and being defined awkwardly. It’s the idea that it can grow more detailed and I can try writing it more elegantly the next time (I would just have to be careful about these capitalization that make words become names). It’s a beautiful thing, to see some of the seeds sprouting their branches out.

And also comforting as I realize this first poor attempt in describing in ideas could be just the beginning of some fully developed concept ahead. It’s the encouragement for me to try writing about anything, despite how awkward the first attempt is.

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