Friday, August 31, 2012

Of RR slingshot

Creativity through release is one implicit rule I’ve been following. As I put ideas out constantly, I’m leaving them and so new ones can come. Honestly, it has worked very well so far, but I don’t think that means the restraint can’t be used to improve release exercises.

One of the ways through which I think release and restraint can be used for slingshot effects is the retaining for cathartic release. It’s one very simple equation, which is how everything is much more powerful when it’s longer kept away.

This way the release and restraint can be used everywhere. If I eat fancy food all the time it loses its appeal. Restraining myself to daily rations can make the eventual taste of more elaborate gastronomies an experience much more exciting and lasting.

Maybe it’s the wise use of release and restraint, like shifting through the gears for better performance. This kind of alternation usually holds a secret combination that has nuclear syntonizations.

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