Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Usopp’s Marks

It comes from One Piece, though I didn’t get too far in it. Honestly, it was making me annoyed to read these characters being too silly all the time. Not my style of humor, I guess. Still, there was one detail over there that really got my attention. It was in this battle to protect the island from the pirate usurper with giant cat claws and his Michael Jackson-like chief officer who was also a hypnotist.

The details of cracks and punches on the terrain remain there for the rest of the battle. Though I thought Eiichiro Oda’s style is a little slouchy in comparison to most mangakas, I was impressed to see his effort in keeping all the details afterwards until the end of the battle. It’s not something I see everyday, as this kind of marks shaping the world are usually left unnoticed.

This concern towards details and meticulous information has always been of my interest. I’ve always being obnoxiously observing towards blueprints of machineries and houses, and the position of all characters in the room, or how they feel their feet in their shoes while having the final confrontation in the climax of the story.

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