Friday, August 31, 2012

Of organizing systematization

So far down the road I’ve completely lost count of how many ideas I’ve had, or even those I’ve named. There are so many out them that if I’m going to write them on pieces of paper and display them on the floor, the random scattered pieces would make it impossible for me to ever memorize them.

But if I try to systematize them in classes and departments, and categorize them in hierarchies and groups, then the whole picture would change entirely. It would be much easier to manage or travel through them with this strict systematization.

The first advantage I can grasp is the benefit of the Layered Method, as I would have them all in these marbles encompassing several of them, and then I’d be slowly finding the smaller details.

However, so far I’ve just been talking about them randomly. If I had been more worried about doing this kind of systematization before, my ideas would behave more harmoniously. Maybe even Leitmotifing could benefit from it.

I have plans for the systematization of my motifs, but it will take a while as I need to read all the posts I’ve ever written here. However, I intend to have it done at least until the end of the year, and somewhere along the way I’ll have the time and courage to do it.

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