Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Causal Assumption

There’s a certain tone of conclusioning in the certain areas of the Causal Adherence that I feel that it is one different idea. The adherence seems to occasionally evolve to a point it comes with enhanced assumptions. Though there are times when it’s complicated to pinpoint when I’m feeling the adherence or the assumption, I’m finding it easier to know them as time goes.

Assumption takes form when I have some amount of success, and it’s not just approved by my mind, but it becomes necessary. It’s when I can get to a new record in staying awake at night, or a few consecutive days I’ve had grand trances, and I feel frustrated when they are over.

The assumed causal aversion comes in form of getting to positive feelings, such as the eruption of Hephaestus inside me, which is declared a dangerous feeling, as the careless trance would once lead me to the claws of the Scourgers. And then, the simple sign of Hephaestus presence would sound the alarms. My call for a fight with my dark fears also seems to be related with this assumption.

According to the causal assumption, the success is required to remain steady. It’s against the logic of spins of success, that usually come to the usual failure until the spins can become as much and then more frequent than the failing. So, seeing how it is also responsible for several bad habits I keep, it can be considered a mindtrap sabotaging me. It has some important qualities to it, but only as long as it has not become an unconscious vice.

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